Trust Services

Hiring an expert in Estate and Trust Services can give you and your family peace of mind during crisis, transition, and loss.

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Consulting Services can support efficient and successful management and distribution of trust assets.
Training Services can provide families the knowledge and expertise needed to move through every stage of life smoothly.

When your trust administration exceed the capability of your family and friends, hiring an objective Private Trustee can serve you and your family well.

Private Trustee Services

Engaging the services of a Licensed Professional Fiduciary to act as your Successor Trustee has several advantages:

  1. There is no conflict of interest between the trustee and the beneficiary when administering the trust.
  2. Allows the family and beneficiaries to grieve the loss, and focus on caring for one another without the weight of the duties of a trustee.
  3. When the estate has complex assets or multiple trusts, the competency, skills, and professional network of a Private Trustee can better ensure that taxes, liquidations, new trust set up, and the overall transfer of wealth is completed with timeliness and efficiency.

Some families choose to hire an immediate Trustee or Co-Trustee while the Grantor has full capacity and competency to manage the trust. This happens for several reasons, a few are listed here:

  1. An irrevocable trust may require someone other than the Grantor to act as Trustee and there are no other people available to serve in this role.
  2. The Grantor may want to plan and prepare for a time in which he or she is not able to manage the trust and wants to provide guidance and training to the trustee so that the Grantor’s decision making processes and framework are well known and understood prior to incapacitation.
  3. The Grantor does not want to manage the needs of the trust on a regular basis and prefers that someone else manage it while remaining in complete control.

Trustee Consulting

When your trust instructions are relatively simple in nature your family and friends can serve as a great resource as your successor trustee. Many Grantors select a person who demonstrates high integrity, is loyal and committed to the family unit, and is a trusted person who will fulfill the wishes and instructions placed in the trust. Reasons to engage a consultant include:

  1. When your trustee has little-to-no experience managing trust assets.
  2. When emotions create difficulty taking action or making decisions, a consultant can keep things on track.
  3. When family dynamics and relationships become strained, the stress of managing financial decisions can be overwhelming. A consultant can help mediate/support conflict resolution as the trustee seeks to administer the trust assets.

Training and Education for Trustees and Beneficiaries

Based on the unique needs of the family, personalized training may be provided to help all parties involved, know what to expect, how to fill their roles, and how to support the process so that the Grantor’s wishes are fulfilled after life has ended.