Coaching Services

Whether you are an owner of a small business, mid-market business, or family business, coaching can move you forward to goal achievement. Coaching can create the ability to outperform your competition, transform your life, and expand your possibilities long-term. There are many types of coaching certifications available, but not all programs create results. It’s the combination of my coaching techniques and Business Psychology background that draws out and empowers you to be fully engaged in your life and business. I start where you are and move in pace with the change you want to see. I have been trained as a Life Purpose Coach & Life Plan Facilitator through Life Purpose Coaching Centers, Intl., a Leadership Coach through Coach-Net/EFCSW, and Business/Executive Coach through my master’s program. I have also been trained to provide coaching from a Christian perspective for people who share my faith.

This means you have options. Please select the coaching program that best suits your current needs.

Christian Coaching

Personal Coaching, as well as Executive Coaching, can be enhanced by keeping your Christian faith at the center of the relationship. We begin and end our time with prayer and seek the Holy Spirit as we work together. These scripture-based programs can provide personal, business, and spiritual growth throughout many areas of life. I offer one-on-one sessions for personal and business coaching. I also have a program specialized for Christian business owners and executives. This program offers both a monthly peer-group meeting as well as one-to-one sessions. There is no better time than now to begin the revolutionary change you want in your life and business.

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Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching is aimed toward your personal financial situation. If you are looking for help with goal planning (such as retirement or saving for your first home), Cash Flow Management, debt coaching, or you need help solving specific financial needs, then you should consider hiring a financial coach. There are many services available based on your need and I am happy to customize your options to provide a coaching plan tailored to you. To truly get the most from your financial coaching experience, you will need to be ready for change. When you reach that place in your life, when you are tired of being financially stressed year after year, and you are willing to change habits and behaviors to gain control of your assets, then you can find success with a coach.

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Business Coaching

Whether you are an owner/founder or a key executive in your business, having a third-party, objective partner can help you navigate change, find solutions currently unseen, and keep you focused on critical objectives. Not only does business coaching help your career, it can also infuse your personal life with new ways of doing things. The unique role you hold in your business can become overwhelming. I can help you get unstuck and moving forward, providing success markers all along the way.

Peer Group Sessions, executive coaching through your HR department, or one-to-one private sessions are available.

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