About Your Professional Fiduciary

Danae McDaniel, Lighthouse Financial, Orange Kiwi, Convene, Masterpiece,
Orange County, Riverside County, Corona, CA.
Dr. Danae M. McDaniel, NCG
M.S. Business Psychology, M.A., D. Min.

Dr. Danae McDaniel is a National Certified Guardian #13411. As a Professional Fiduciary, Danae seeks to serve her client’s interests above all else, and uphold her client’s wishes, preferences, and goals holistically. She is a Registered Investment Advisor Rep, California Tax Preparer, and Financial Planner. This provides her with a deep understanding of financial matters as they relate to trust and estate needs. As a Family Business Specialist, Danae provides services for small to mid-sized family businesses needing to prepare for scale, sale, or succession. Prior to her financial and business experience, Danae worked in the non-profit sector providing leadership development, consulting, training, and personal development aimed at expanding individuals and the overall mission of the business. Her past experience in pastoral care has equipped her to communicate with doctors, family members, and friends during times of crisis.

Danae’s education is varied yet culminates into serving clients passionately with trust and estate services. She holds a B.A. in Kinesiology with a focus on Physical Therapy, M.S. in Business Psychology, and an M.A., D. Min. in Christian Ministry. She holds several financial, leadership, and coaching certifications as well.

After more than 20 years of serving, Danae continues to pour her knowledge, skills, talents, and experience into people and organizations as they prepare for major life transitions. There is no greater privilege than to provide dignity, honor, care, and competency to people in times of challenge and uncertainty. Her diligence and tenacity toward everything she does, gives clients confidence that she will strive for excellence as an advocate, decision maker, planner, protector, and overseer for trust and estate matters.