About Me

Danae McDaniel, Lighthouse Financial, Orange Kiwi, Convene, Masterpiece,
Orange County, Riverside County, Corona, CA.
Dr. Danae M. McDaniel
Owner of My Life
M.S., M.A., D. Min.

Most of my life has been involved in serving people. In fact, every position held has been in a service industry.  I worked in restaurants as a server and bartender during college. Later I transitioned into a hospital as a physical therapy aid working in the rehabilitation department. I began my first career with a phone company providing services to growing areas as an Engineer, long-range outside plant planner, and promoted to a second level area manager. After having children, I moved into Christian ministry and received an M.A and Doctorate in Christian Ministry. At the conclusion of this education, I was ordained by Crossroads Christian Church. Combined with my college degrees, this opened new opportunities to provide leadership training, consulting, coaching, and participate in a variety of thought leadership venues. I served in several roles including Associate Pastor, Lead Pastor, Church Planter and Founder.

After 10 years of serving non-profit and Christian organizations, I shifted focus to my family’s financial service business and gained experience as an investment advisor, tax preparer, and financial planner. I also obtained an M.S. in Business Psychology to transition my ministry viewpoint toward for-profit business knowledge and know-how. With these combined skills I now provide insight, direction, and change management capabilities into the growth units of the firm, creating and successfully implementing marketing, sales, and service innovation strategies. The aggregate knowledge of people, systems, financials, structures, and transformational leadership has equipped me to serve people in a variety of environments and through several different mediums. My organizational partnerships afford me the ability to address my client’s specific needs, using the highest talents available. I have the pleasure of supporting and equipping the whole person/family to move through life changes, transitions, and to position themselves for sustainable growth/transformation regardless of the circumstances.

In the words of Grant Cardone, I have 10Xed my life with the goal of doing what I love, which is making life better for people, families, and businesses.

Recently, I found that a great gap exists for families who are not equipped to handle financial and care matters during times of accidents, illness, disability or death. As a result, I turned my financial training and pastoral care background into something that can serve people who cannot serve themselves.  I am in the process of becoming a Professional Licensed Fiduciary to help individuals and their families, by providing estate, asset management, and guardianship services. This is my multi-faceted life, and I love it. I am pleased to be able to accomplish this while also having close family relationships, two adult children who are chasing their passions, and a faith that is strong and resilient.

I can’t wait to help you accomplish more than you thought feasible. My life proves that the possibilities are endless. So let’s get started!