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Why Masterpiece Equipping Center

Launching and growing a business in today’s marketplace requires agility, flexibility, moving through ambiguity, and a learner’s mindset. These attributes, if not well honed, can leave board members, leadership, and staff fatigued and overwhelmed. M.E.C. partners with you to help you and your organization traverse these waters while staying energized and motivated to take on the challenges that present themselves.

About the Founder

Danae founded M.E.C. in 2016, believing that people were designed uniquely to be beautiful and inspiring masterpieces. However, she knows that life and career events can hinder people’s ability to impact the world in magnificent ways. Sometimes people need to be equipped with new skills, understandings, and abilities. Other times people need someone to draw out the priceless attributes that are buried deep within. In either circumstance, Danae has made it her mission to equip people to be the very best version of themselves through service, training, coaching, and consulting. Her eclectic background (corporate, non-profit, family business, and start-ups) combined with her education create a unique perspective in her service development and delivery to create transformative environments that have lasting results.

A Transformational Approach

Every aspect of M.E.C. is an integrated, customized program designed specifically to enhance life and business success. Many consulting and coaching organizations focus on goal achievement from a task perspective. M.E.C. takes it several levels deeper through the utilization of business psychology techniques and Neurolinguistic Programming concepts to produce deep, lasting change that improves overall wellbeing and performance. Learning science is at the heart of each training and development program to offer a higher retention rate and the opportunity to speed learning curves.

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